Farmers Market, Assembly Line, Current Goals.

Check out this Video from our performance at the Royal Oak Farmers Market! we performed about a 3 hour set, and sold a good amount of CD’s. Bailey performed some solo jazz piano, along with a short set of songs I performed alone. We performed and mixed ourselves that morning on a small 8 channel mixer and two PA monitors. It was great exposure and a great learning experience for us both.

We also recently performed at the 4th annual Assembly Line Concert in Detroit. The concert attempts to achieve the world record of longest continuous performance for 4 years in a row.

Currently, The Invincible Man is looking to expand the size of the band, and put together a longer set of original material for the upcoming festival season.


Our First Performance at the Phoenix Cafe! February 17th!

“The Invincible Man” will be performing at The Phoenix cafe in Hazel Park, MI on February 17th, as a part of the first night of the “Vandalized Minds Reboot”! We will be performing at 9:15pm, in the middle of a lot of great local, and out of state acts.

The night consists of many different forms of art, since the venue has a standing as a visual art gallery. We will also be celebrating the release of our newest album “Any Chance” (February 16th), and performing a lot of songs from there. The event is all ages, and everyone is encouraged to come, there is a 10$ cover at the door, but that’s a small price to pay for a night of great art and great music!

Our First Single and E.P. as “The Invincible Man”!

At last, after days have turned into weeks, and weeks have turned into months, our first single “Perfect” is finally available for streaming and download on all of your favorite sites! Once again, Bailey and I were faced with the initial challenge of recording, performing, and mixing the music, however once we decided to release the track(s) in a more professional way, we were faced with a whole new set of struggles.

Between designing album artwork, booking shows, mastering tracks, and obtaining physical merchandise, we were even more relieved with positive response we had gotten with the end products.

Our first song “Perfect” from our new E.P. “Any Chance“, has a very unique sound in relation to what we have composed in the past. A lot of new keyboard textures are being explored in the upcoming compilation, as well as different percussive elements that fall a bit outside of your average pop textures. We think this single does a pretty great job emphasizing those qualities.

The full E.P., “Any Chance” will be available for streaming and download on February 16th, and physical copies will be available on February 26th!

Rebranding One More Time to “The Invincible Man”

Hello to our faithful fans who have stuck with our shenanigans for this long. We will be changing our band name again, but there is most certainly a good reason for it! We have been booked for a few shows in 2017, and in that, we’ve realized that Plump FIlling is not a very marketable name. It was chosen with the intention of being a quirky place filler while we collected our musical thoughts. A career has been following us for a while now, and it seemed to be time to change the name to something a little more serious and workable.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and even with the many name changes  recently, we can promise the music will stay beautifully the same.


What is it like to produce your own EP “middle of the woods”?

In one word, it was “simple”. Now by simple, i do not mean that is was “easy” to record, But i do mean that the knowledge, skills, experience, and monetary means to produce your own album have changed in so many ways since the beginning of commercially recorded music. Not even 15-20 years ago, most young musicians would not be able to acquire the means to record their very own album, unless backed up by a label or a very money savvy producer. In recent years, with the advancements of technology and digital distribution, it is very easy for most teenagers with a guitar and some good ideas to record and market their own music.

From start to finish for me was fairly un-complex, the hardest part definitely being the song/lyric writing. With a slew of minimum wage jobs under my belt, and a very supportive family, putting together a simple studio in my basement was very inexpensive, and was not very hard to build up. Starting with one microphone, a small 2 input interface, and a free DAW, i was able to instantly get my first, simple ideas onto a saveable disk space. Over The course of the last year and a half, however, the amount of ideas i had started to grow in size and complexity, requiring more gear and more time to be brought into my small project studio.

Towards the end of this past summer, I had an idea to start putting these ideas into a more cohesive format (a song/ group of songs), and started production and recording of the album. Throughout the process, the idea of effectively marketing my ever growing collection of music had not dawned on me as much as it should have, and I still would have liked to have had more ears and input, on some technical things, and more solid distribution tactics in mind before the release date.

Towards the end of september, I started to have a lot of the racks recorded, and most of my time was dedicated to post production mixing and editing. Since most low level DAWs have simple plug ins for equalization and compression, I used most of my knowledge from mixing live shows and recording friend’s bands in the past, to help with this process.

Lastly, the day came to release the album to the world (or however much of the world cared at the time). the beauty of digital distribution is that it does not cost anyone much money to buy or sell your final product, so a lot of 3rd party websites will distribute and market your media for free, or a very low cost ( sometimes percentage). I went with a website called I went with this website because they have a very good reputation with the artists that post their music, and they take a very minimal royalty from your album costs.

So from start to finish, the whole process was both mentally and monetarily “simple”. Recording your own album with a minimalist studio is becoming a more and more popular hobby for musicians looking to become famous or for people who just enjoy getting their ideas into an editable, storable format, for use or distribution later. Thank you for reading, and make sure to check out the album here.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more.

Noah Kirrkamm

Noah Kirrkamm

Greetings! as you can probably tell, this is my first post on this new website, and I thought i would take this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself. I am a student currently attending Columbia College in Chicago for audio production/live and installed sound. I have been an active performer for about 4-5 years, playing everything from my main instrument guitar, to piano, bass, drums, and vocals. The list goes on a bit longer, but those are the instruments i have the most experience with. Over the past year, I have been in the process of producing, recording, and marketing my first self titled album “middle of the woods”. It was a solo album, and i was responsible for performing on every instrument as well. I have a writing and producing credit on “Pat Fuzzy”, a project album by Rad Dad and the Fat Pack Collective. I love to perform, but my main goal and passion is production and band management. Thank you for visiting my website, and i hope you find your way around without too much trouble, and enjoy the show!